A well-informed community is a strong community. When communities are aware of the services available, they can make use of them, and contribute in ensuring that these services become tailored to their needs.


The first step of empowering a community is ensuring that it has access to local service providers. Our programmes are designed to bring together the community with organisations, the police and local authorities.

Community spirit

We want community members to be talking to each other and to the police and local authorities. This will ensure an open an honest exchange of ideas and ensure that they get the most out of our projects.

Equal opportunities

We work with often-isolated communities, who have the potential to contribute so much to wider society but aren’t engaged with. We believe that everyone deserves the right to self-determination and we want to give people the tools to engage with the wider society.


Many families worry about the challenges faced by their children, and our charity strives to ensure these children have a great future ahead of them. We want to expose young people to the various options for their futures and teach them commitment to achieving their goals.


We run tuition classes focused on core subjects, to ensure that the children we work with do well in school. Success in educational setting will not only increase self-confidence, but we encourage these children to think beyond their GCSEs and A-levels, to who they want to be.


We work together with local communities, the police and social services to promote safeguarding of children. We want to ensure that all stakeholders in child-safety work together to create a safe environment for children to live, learn and play in.

Minorities matter

Minority communities are under-represented in the decision making process when it comes to consulting stakeholders in policymaking. We encourage contributions from minority communities so that services are used by those hard to reach community members who wouldn’t otherwise engage with authorities.

Expanding horizons

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that minority communities enjoy the same benefits as communities who are more engaged and involved in decision making at the local level.