Muslim Community Engagement Project

Minority Matters has been running a community focused safeguarding project in Camden, Hackney and Islington since 2016. We believe that the best way to keep our children safe is by everyone, from parents to the police, local authority and charity sector working together.

We provided a teacher training course for over one hundred supplementary school and madrasah teachers since the pilot of the project. The training was heavily focused on safeguarding and best practice in the classroom. By empowering teachers in out of school settings, we reinforce their efforts to provide a safe environment for the children in their care, and support parents in their own safeguarding efforts.

We've run over eight parents safeguarding workshops, bringing together parents from hard to reach communities with the police and local authority professionals. Through these workshops, we looked at how accessible local services are, and how communities can work best with the local authorities in improving delivery of services. So far, we've had over five hundred parents take part in our workshops, as well as professionals from the Metropolitan Police, and LBO Camden, Hackney and Islington. We were also lucky to have other charities, social enterprises and organisations working within the safeguarding field participating in these workshops. These workshops highlighted the immense working undertaken at the grassroots level to keep our children safe.

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