Claim Your Future

A 16-week motivational course for Somali parents and children. Rooted in Somali culture and values, along with practical tips and guidance on how to:

- Build self-confidence
- Strengthen communications Skills
- Manage anger & Stress 
- Set goals in easy and attainable ways
- Develop leadership Skills
- Manage your time & identify time drains
- Audit skills & form the habit of affective learning skills
- Learn or improve organisational skills
- Develop noble & supreme manners & character

The workshops were delivered by a motivational coach in an energetic and inspiring way. The aspirational delivery and topics focused on making positive changes were a hit with children and parents alike. Creating an engaging learning environment and giving participants tools to improve their lives.

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Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) Victims & Families support

Minority Matters has been working with children and young people groomed and criminally exploited into running county lines. Our work is focused on:

- Being a first contact point for affected families from hard to reach communities
- Linking families with local authorities for safeguarding support
- Reporting missing children and young people
- Joining family and community search parties for missing children
- Booking and arranging prison visits for parents 
- Acting as  Appropriate Adult for children and young adults
- Raising awareness of child criminal exploitations with parents
- Speaking at conferences for healthcare providers and other professionals, raising awareness of the issue and giving insights into how it affects hard to reach communities
- Building capacity of those working with affected children and young people
- Campaigning for changes to the law to better protect children and young people against CCE
- Lobbying the police, local authorities and government to end CCE

As a charity working with hard to reach communities, we have unique insights into the loopholes used to target children and young adults from these communities, in order to criminally exploit them. We not only work closely with parents, but advocate for them to ensure their voices are heard by decision-makers. Beyond that, we work hard to change professional misconceptions about CCE, which affect the way services are delivered to young victims. 

We refuse to accept that children and young people want to be victimised, which is what  the accepted narrative about CCE points to. No child or young person wants to be enslaved, hurt and criminally exploited. 

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Muslim Community Engagement

Minority Matters has been running the Muslim Community Engagement project to create a safer learning environments in after-school settings. Since 2015, we have delivered:

- Safeguarding focused teacher training courses to supplementary school and madrasah teachers in Camden, Hackney and Islington

- Parents workshops raising awareness on safety issues with professional speakers from statutory bodies and voluntary sector

- Prevent training from a community perspective

Minority Matters was one of handful charities awarded the Home Office innovation fund to deliver this project. We have been advocating a safeguarding focused and positive community engagement approach with the Home Office, influencing the way local authorities deliver the government's Prevent strategy.

We have trained over 150 supplementary school and madrasah teachers, and delivered safeguarding  workshops to thousands of parents in Camden, Hackney and Islington. Through this project, we have broken down barriers between hard to reach communities and local authority professionals. We supported bridge-building that has led to continued positive engagement in the ways services are accessed and delivered.

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Advantage Education

Minority Matters was initially established in 2010 to stop the high number of ethnic minority children dropping out of education. The aim was to make academic success attainable for this group by:

- Providing academic support in core subjects (English, Maths & Science)
- Providing support to all key stages, until A-levels
- Future planning guidance such as identifying what the children want to study in higher education, which universities they should consider etc.
- Practical support with personal statements & interview preparations
career guidance focusing on volunteering & employability
- A supportive base to help students beyond the tuition , ensuring they adjust to university life
- Where possible, Minority Matters employs former students to be tutors & mentors to the younger students. This provides the older students with income and a work experience, and creates role-models for younger students in an organic way

Minority Matters' tuition and support is very popular with students and parents. In the past 10 years, we have supported over 25 thousand children & young people.

The corona virus has made is likely that more of the cohorts we serve will be left behind, academically. Minority Matters recognises that the number of children and young people who need this support have grown. Now, more than ever, we need to strengthen our academic support.

We are committing our resources to reaching more children, and helping families overcome obstacles to academic success, like technical poverty. In some households, families are forced to share one computer, laptop or tablet, making it difficult for children to access school-work online. Minority Matters has been working with our funders and other charities to get more computers available to families, in order for children to be able to do their school work and join tuition.

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