Stop Loopholes & Save Our Children From Grooming, Knife-attacks & Criminal Exploitation!


We need to act now to stop child grooming, gangs, knife-crime, county-lines and the free flow of drugs on our streets!
Help us hold the incoming government to account. We want a safe environment for all our children, free from drug dealing  in our street corners. We want an end to our children and young people harming and killing each other on our streets.
The people grooming and criminally exploiting our children and young people are using loopholes in the system. We want the government to take action and close these loopholes, instead of throwing money at the problem.
Please stand with us and tell our government we want action NOW!


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Our Objectives

1)    Adult safeguarding for victims of grooming and criminal exploitation.  We want victims to be recognised as being still at risk of criminal exploitation even after they turn 18. We want the Care Act 2014 and Mental Capacity Act to be extended to these young people, so that they don’t fall through the net and stop receiving support after they become legal adults.

2)    The government to co-ordinate early intervention and rehabilitation of young people by creating a response and referral unit consisting of the police, social services, the NHS, schools and charities working with affected families. The government already does something similar for the Prevent Duty, they should take the same (but friendlier) approach to helping young people who are groomed and criminally exploited.

3)    Mandatory rehabilitation centres led by communities and statutory bodies, including the NHS, Local Authorities and police. Instead of sending children and young adults to youth prison for non-violent drugs offences, they should be sentenced to a special rehabilitation centre. This will ensure they receive the help they need, instead of becoming further criminalised in prisons only to be released and re-offend.

4)    Regulate social media giants like Facebook, Google and Snapchat to ensure these platforms take action on online content that leads to off-line youth violence. This includes humiliation videos of children and young people,  “beef” videos where threats are made, which are then carried out on our streets and gangs extending their reach and influence by glamorising the criminal “lifestyle” to groom more children.

5)    Regulation of companies that sell unregistered burner-phones and sim-cards, like Vodafone, Lycamobile, GiffGaff and many others. Drug-dealers and gang-groomers are using these undetectable phones to criminally exploit children and young people.

6)    Regulate minicabs and car rental companies to ensure they report any suspicion of their services being used to run county-lines. Drug-dealers and gang-groomers are using these services to traffic children and young adults across the county to sell drugs and other criminal activities.