Pledge To Make Young Londoners Safe

We request all mayoral candidates to sign our five-point pledge to end enslavement of young Londoners.

I pledge as the Mayor of London to :

  • Create a special Metropolitan Police task force dedicated to criminal exploitation of children, identifying the victims and perpetrators early on, investigating and eliminating local drug cells and providing protection for families under siege by drug lords. We want you to provide comprehensive support to families, with the help of local authorities and disrupt county lines. Let’s end enslavement of young Londoners.
  • Destroy drug-dealing hubs and hotspots in all London boroughs. Follow the lead of known county lines and investigate where the drugs and money are coming from. Target the criminals at the top to protect the victims at the bottom.
  • Resource and restructure policing in schools to stop schools becoming hotbeds of child grooming and exploitation. Make protection against child enslavement part of the schools safeguarding duties.
  • Allocate a percentage of key TFL advertising spaces to promoting public awareness of safeguarding issues, how drug trade fuels child abuse and increase the visibility of missing and criminally exploited children whose lives might be at risk.
  • Produce a comprehensive research into the link between young Londoners in prison for drugs and knife-crime offences and criminal grooming at a young age and county lines. The role race plays in how victims are supported and sentenced by statutory bodies. How many of the imprisoned young people were known to Metropolitan Police as children, but failed to be flagged as potential victims of criminal exploitation?